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List of Mentors on Cape Cod

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MICHAEL BAKER - Accounting, Finance, Business Plan, Construction, Start-up
CLIFF CALDERWOOD - Local Search, Website Lead Generation/Conversion, Reputation Management, Competitor Analysis, Analytics & Tracking
JOHN CAMPBELL - (Mentoring by Email only or by Appointment only) - Business Planning, Personnel Issues, E-Commerce, Funding Sources for Technology Start-Ups, General Business Issues
JAMES F. DANNHAUSER - (Mentoring by Email only) -  Finance & Banking, Business Strategy & Planning, Financial Statements & Accounting, NonProfits, Human Resources
ROGER DAY - Planning & Decision Making, Marketing, State & Federal Regulatory Environment for Non Profits, Best Practices for Non Profit Management
ROBERT DOYLE - Business Plans, Marketing, Advertising, Sales
DAVID EPSTEIN - Retail, Importing, Licensing, Conflict Resolution, Wholesale Sales & Distribution
STEVEN FEIST - Sales Management, Marketing Strategies, Website & Social Media, Market Research
WILLIAM K. FOX - (Mentoring by Email only) - General Management, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Turn-Arounds, Start-ups, Project Management
MARC GOLDBERG - Marketing & Sales, Business Planning, Manufacturing, NonProfits, Consulting
MIM GOLDBERG - Small Business Ownership, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Presentation Skills, Flexibility
DEB KENNEDY - Business  Strategy and Plan Development, Digital Marketing, Leadership/Team Development

DAVID DANIEL KLIPPER - Financial Businesses, Service Businesses, B2B's, Manufacturers, Distributors 
Cash Management, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Financial Mangement, International Business
(Mentoring by Email only) - Accounting & Financial, Business Plans, Buying & Selling Businesses, Analyzing Business Performance, Restaurant, Food Service & Retail Management
MARK LOWENSTEIN - Marketing, Business Plans, General Business Management, Legal, Software/Web Technology, NonProfits
JEAN MOJO - Marketing & Advertising, Product Development, Market Research, Sales, Retail
MARK OTT - Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, International, NonProfits, Consulting
STEVE PINARD - (Mentoring by Email only) - Franchising
JACK REEVES - Retail, Importing, Advertising, Product Development, Marketing
H. PIERRE SALLE - International & US Standards, Start-up, Board of Directors NonProfits, Business Planning
RON SCHEID - Business Plans, Manufacturing Applications, Warehousing & Inventory Control, Sales & Marketing, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Pricing
WILLIAM SIMPSON - Retail, NonProfit, Board of Directors, Human Resources, Financial Statement Analysis
VAN C. SMICK - Marketing & Advertising, Small Business Management, Product/Service Offering Development
THOMAS THEMISTOS - Small Business Accounting, Entity & Corporate Structure, Tax & Tax Planning, Financing
DENNIS WALSH - Grant Management, Government Contracting, Shellfish Aquaculture, Government & Regulations
ANDREA WYLAN -  Software, Leadership, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Vision & Direction, Marketing

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List of Mentors on Martha's Vineyard 

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HARVEY JOHN BETH - Financial Management, Information Technology, Negotiations, NonProfit, Art Operations
DUNCAN COOPER - Engineering, Operations, Finance, Sales & Business Development, Strategic Planning
NANCY GARDELLA - NonProfit Leadership, Marketing, Public Relations/Communications, Busines and Project Development, Staff, Volunteer and Board Development
TOM SOLDINI - New Business Development, Operations, Sales, Leadership, Negotiations

NORMAN SOMER - Manufuacturing, Importing, Business Ownership, Sales & Marketing Management
EDWARD “NED” STERNICK - Management, Strategic Planning, NonProfit Funding, Marketing/Sales, Team Building
BRUCE STUART - Buying/Selling Businesses, Inventory Management, Managing Services, Supplier Relations, Business Development

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List of Mentors on Nantucket

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ROBERT KUCHARAVY - Consulting, Branding & Positioning, Strategic Planning, Coordination, Technology Marketing
ALESIA MYERS - Resource Partner
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Resource Partners - Subject Matter Experts
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► Tom Themistos CPA - Financial Analysis
► Jennifer Kain Defoe - Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PR

► Donnie Steel - Digital Marketing, Ecommerce
► Dale Shadbegian - Web Design, SEO
► Caitlin Drown - Marketing, Communications, Social Media
► Angela Gaimari - Copy, Content, SEO, Social Media Marketing
► Allison Oberton - Social Media, Digital Marketing

Karen Ryder - Social Media, Web Development & Design, Digital Marketing
► Jeff Louzada - Ecommerce, Digital Marketing
► Kristina Dittmer - Restaurant Management
► Doug Freeman - R
eal Estate Development, Banking, Restaurant Ownership​
► Pamela Sande - Human Resources
► Dr. Charlene O’Brien - Organizational Development, Business Organization/Processes
► Patty Watson - NonProfit Organization / Management

Mentoring Strengths


Career emphasis has been on using knowledge of finance and good management practices, gained through 35 years of varied experiences, to achieve success in a small business environment.
► ACCOUNTING - Experience in all areas of accounting, including budgeting, cash flow analysis and how to read and use financial information to manage a business
► FINANCE - Identify sources of funding for small business and how to access them, knowledge of SBA financing opportunities
► BUSINESS PLAN - Utilize experience gained from 14 years of helping SCORE clients with their business plans, and from teaching entrepreneurship
► CONSTRUCTION - Familiar with all aspects of managing a small construction company, and with issues faced by subcontractors in the construction industry
► START-UP - Knowledge of fundamental issues that need to be addressed in any new business, how to assess the potential for success
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HARVEY JOHN BETH - (Martha's Vineyard)
43 years of varied business experience. 10 years as a CPA/Finanial Systems consultant, 5 years as a CXFO in a smaller electronics company, CFO and founder of a wholesale and Franchise developer of Book and Music retail stores, and 25 years as a CFO and CEO in the government and not-for profit sector. Currently the owner/operator of a small business fine art photography business. 
Finance - Budgeting, planning, controls and financial management. Specialties include Quickbooks, operations, cash flow planning, budgeting for planning and control purposes, teaching many facets of accounting, financial reporting and managing a small business.
Information technology - Inventory control, point of sale, excel presentations, PowerPoint presentations, not-for–profit applications, development, grant and gift tracking
Negotiations - For acquisitions and mergers, leasing space, dealing with lending agencies and suppliers. Also negotiating with Governmental and non-governmental grantors, grant montoring and grant resources. 
Creation of NonProfit operations - Dealing with NGO’s and other social justice agencies performing humanitarian work locally and globally, also affordable housing programs, hospice, adult continuing education, religious organizations and healthy aging programs.
Developing Art Operations - Involved in Federal, local and State art grantors, program development and operations for wholesale and retail trading

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Before retirement I was the provider of financial management services to NonProfit organizations over the past 40 years. These services were either as a CFO, Treasurer or financial consultant. The types of organizations in which I have been involved are:
► Churches
► Day Care Centers
► Education support groups
► Foundations
► Group Homes
► Hospitals, clinics, health centers, home health & SNFs
► NonProfits and other types of companies requiring accounting help

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33 years’ experience in senior IT management positions at large international financial service companies, and 14 years’ operating a local SEO and Digital Marketing agency helping small businesses in various areas of online marketing and IT software contract negotiations.
► Local Search - Optimization of major search engine listings (Google, Bing, Yelp) and local citations, and primary data aggregators along with major directories.  Acquiring relevant and quality online and offline links
► Website Lead Generation/Conversion - Increase of profitable relevant leads to website and conversion of prospects to customers for services and products. Including email marketing and paid advertising, and offline marketing.
► Reputation Management - Responding to positive and negative reviews, how to get more positive reviews, how to address competitor spam in Google Maps.
► Competitor Abalysis - Understanding what your competitors are doing online and leveraging their work to outrank and beat them ethically.
► Analytics & Tracking - Implementing analytics on your website and determining what to track to invest in and grow your business.
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JOHN CAMPBELL  (Mentoring by Email or by Appointment only)
25+ years in helping to start and grow high tech businesses.
► PERSONNEL ISSUES - Hiring/firing/compensation
► E-COMMERCE - using internet to help grow a business
► FUNDING SOURCES - for technology start-ups
► GENERAL BUSINESS ISSUES - Lot of operational experience in multiple countries
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DUNCUN COOPER - (Martha’s Vineyard)
37 years of business experience including Mechanical Engineering, R&D, Operations, Finance, Sales. Industries experienced in: Plastics & rubber Mfg., banking, Insurance, Sales and Operations Consulting. Experience over 37 Years was both as a business owner and as an employee.
Engineering - including product design, product testing, prototyping, pre-production and equipment design for bringing product into production.
Operations - Setting up new production facility, including facility design, equipment specification, hiring people, setting up quality control systems, implementing continuous improvement systems, budgeting for capital expenditures and managing equipment purchases.
Finance - Both as business owner and Commercial Lending Officer, financing has been arrange for working capital, equipment real estate and business acquisitions.
Sales and Business Development - Built and managed Representative Sales Force, designed and implemented social media programs, web page design and promotion of social media and web effort.
Strategic Planning - Resource allocation and analysis to make decision for business on best avenues to expand, enter into new businesses, outsource the need built around a simple understandable process including go/no go benchmarks and cash flow.
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JAMES F. DANNHAUSER  (Mentoring by Email only)
Extensive experience in all aspects of finance, banking, business acquisitions, sales, budgeting and planning.  Have been chief financial officer, an investment banker and a commercial attorney, as well as advisor to small growth companies.  Have also advised NonProfits.
Finance & Banking - All facets of finance and banking, including equity and debt financing, cash management, financial controls, budgeting and forecasting, insurance, and payroll.
Business Strategy & Planning - All aspects of strategic planning, including business acquisitions and dispositions, development of business plans, identification of target markets and customers, development of strategic relationships with third parties, and management of rapid growth.
Financial Statements & Accounting - Accounting matters, including preparation and interpretation of financial statements, comparisons to expectations and history, determination of cash requirements and working capital needs.  
NonProfit Entities - Assist NonProfit entities in all aspects of their efforts, including management, communication, information processes, etc.
Human Resources - Building staff and addressing all aspects of personnel management.

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30 years experience in financing, working in and consulting to high tech, low tech and no tech start up and early stage businesses. Considerable experience as a board member and as de-facto executive director of non –profit organizations in the arts and social services.
Planning & Decision Making - in a small business environment
Marketing - especially for small businesses operating with constrained resources
Knowledgeable of State & Federal Regulatory Environment - for Non Profit organizations
Experienced with Best Practices - for Non Profit management
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45 years in marketing and management including Nestle/Carnation and Coca Cola. Responsibilities included planning, budgeting, new products, advertising, promotion and distribution.
Business Plans - Market research, flexibility, business structure, forecasting sales and cash flow, organization,capital sources, distribution.
► Marketing Advertising - Sales development, promotion, long and short term planning.
Sales - Direct and broker, training, evaluation of sales by channel.
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35 Years executive experience in managing dynamics and operations of multigenerational family business and a mid-size closely held wholesale LLC. Responsibilities included banking, merchandising, operations, product development and importing.
Retail - All areas of P&L , marketing, promotion, sales training, buying, store operations,lease negotiations
Importing ( not export) - Direct & indirect sourcing/importing from Far East, Europe and Brazil, interaction with buying and selling agents, U.S. Customs, freight forwarders
Licensing - Negotiate license agreements as either licensor or licensee, trademark ( not patent) issues
Conflict Resolution - Partnership & family business issues ..expertise & EXPERIENCE of negotiating in, around and out of a family business and partnerships, succession planning
Wholesale Sales & Distribution - Negotiating w/banks for financing, managing a salesforce (no union experience), employee vs independent reps, trade shows, selling to dept stores, independents and volume retailers
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40 years of profitable international sales management, marketing and operational experience. Steve developed a global understanding of how to find, motivate and satisfy customers.
Planning, Managing & Building Sales
     • Motivate customer acceptance - Applies to all products and services
     • Building a successful multi-national sales team - Hiring, Managing & Training
     • Developing and managing a network of motivated distributors
► Successful Marketing Strategies
     • Focused on Customer Satisfaction
     • Adverising, PR, Trade Shows, Promotions, Demos
     • E-commerce
► Creating Websites designed to Motivate Customers
     • Web Editor for
     • Effective use of Social Media
► Research Markets to make Smart Decisions
     • Developed techniques to find the best performing distributors and Independent sales reps
     • Identifying customers and their key decision makers
Industry Experience:
► International Sales - Export & Import
Industrial Sales - Metal Cutting & Food Processing
► Textiles - Fashion & Industrial markets
Fashion Jewelry Supplies
Consulting - Export Management serving a wide variety of products & services
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WILLIAM K. FOX - (Email Mentoring)
40 years business experience in small, medium and large work environments as well as new business start-ups and turn-around situations. Responsibilities include full P&L, general management, operations, sales & marketing, product management,new product development and project management. Also adjunct professor of marketing and management, publishing technical articles, business consulting.
General Management - Full P&L management, general management, sales & marketing management, strategic and operational planning & implementation, managerial accounting and financial analysis, budgeting, organizational planning.
Operations - Manufacturing operations planning and control, including materials planning, scheduling, purchasing, inventory control, vendor development, after-market service, parts & accessories sales.
Sales & Marketing - Direct sales and sales management, telemarketing, direct mail and e-Mail marketing, website & social media development, forecasting, product management, advertising, customer service.
Turn-Arounds - Revitalizing under-performing businesses, problem-solving, cost and productivity improvement, process re-organization.
Start-Up's - Conceptualizing new businesses, writing business plans, implementing start-up operations, buying & selling businesses.
Project Management - Conceptualizing projects, project planning , implementation, controls
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NANCY GARDELLA - (Martha’s Vineyard)
Seasoned Nonprofit business leader skilled in imaginative strategic thinking, diverse marketing and public relations including strengthening SEO and social media, building strong staff and volunteer teams, program development, exemplary customer/member service, financial management and project and business management.
Nonprofit Leadership - Including staff and board/volunteer development, strategic planning/thinking, budget development; fund development planning,
Marketing - Including articulating a clear value proposition, building successful social media strategies, integrated marketing plans, destination marketing, and strategies for improving SEO
Public Relations/Communications - developing public and organizational communication plans/strategies, networking for success
Business and Project Development- Including development of business and strategic plans, budget development, market research, building strategic alliances
Staff, Volunteer and Board Development - including working with volunteers, team development, long-and short range planning
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43 years of industrial and business-to-business marketing, general management and small business ownership experience. For 11 years worked in Commercial Nuclear and Gas Turbine markets, 4 years in general management for a manufacturing company supplying pumps to the oil and gas industry and 28 years owning and managing Marketech, Inc, a company specializing in trade show exhibitor staff training and performance measurement.
Marketing General and Research – market planning and execution, traditional and digital promotion, advertising and market research.
► Business strategy and planning & Turnaround planning and execution
          Creating and executing business plans for new start-ups and business turnarounds
          Nonprofits - strategic planning, board development
Sales – General – creating and executing sales plans, sales skill development and sales compensation. Train sales personnel in sales technique and execution
Manufacturing – production planning, scheduling and execution
Consulting – listening, understanding, probing and mentoring, void of judgment
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I made a remarkable transition from being an educator to becoming the co-owner of a small business which meant learning and developing a whole new skill set.  I quickly learned the small business owner wears many hats.
Small Business Ownership - Includes virtually all aspects from sales and marketing, advertising, presentations, mail room, and often working 7 days a week.
Customer Service - Probably one of the most important aspects of keeping a business viable. It means developing relationships with your clients and then maintaining those relationships so they continuously come back for more services.
Sales & Marketing - Learning how to sell, not fearing rejection, listening to understand the needs and learning how to reach your audience is key to a viable business. This includes know your client base and how they want to receive communications.
Presentation Skills - Learning how to create presentations that will meet the client’s needs and create memorability.
Flexibility - This is probably one of the most important keys to the success of a small business – recognizing when there are changes in the market, changing needs of your clients and adapting to those new needs.
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Experienced business leader with 30+ years in energy and manufacturing industries and, recently,  higher education.  Specific expertise in finance, marketing, business development and entrepreneurial small business launches. 
► General Management - Full P&L management, strategy development and  planning, budgeting, organizational development and team leadership, union management experience.
► Sales -  Sales team leadership in B2B markets, new business product and pricing development, entrepreneurial sales/marketing plan and outreach development, B2B relationship sales and negotiations.
► Marketing - Marketing plan development with particular expertise in entrepreneurial and small business marketing on a budget.  Social media and digital marketing experience.
► Entrepeneurial Launch - Specific experience in launching a small business unit including business strategy and plan development, marketing plan, outreach, product development and pricing strategy.
► Leadership Presence - Work with business leaders to develop professional presence and brand, relationship skills, presentation skills and team leadership skills for public, private and family businesses.
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24 years of investment banking experience, buying and selling companies, focusing on a wide variety of industries.
► Financially Based Businesses
► Service Businesses
► Business-to-Business Businesses
► Businesses involving making something
► Businesses involving distributing something
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A results-oriented senior level communications professional with experience in corporate, agency, not-for-profit and educational public relations. Strong background in media and community relations, written and verbal skills, agency management, public relations teaching and training, strategic planning and facilitation.
Consulting - Planning, coordinating, evaluating public relations programs, external and internal public relations resources and communications
Branding & Positioning - Helping companies and organizations with branding and positioning so that they stand out from the competition
Strategic Planning - Utilize my background in media and community relations, public relations teaching, training, strategic planning and facilitation
Coordination - Linking communications programs to various external publics, media, channel partners, resellers and customers, local and regional trade and professional associations and community organizations
Technology Marketing - Knowledge of business to business accounts and directing public relations programs for technology clients
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40 years of general business experience. Degrees in electronics, industrial management . CEO of 3 turn around projects. VP of operation and Director of Planning & Distribution & Plant manager. Concentrations have been  manufacturing operation production, planning purchasing finance and marketing/sales... the majority of experience  working  in a team environment.  The operation of all size companies evolves the same skills and principles. Understanding and practicing these principles will lead to success.
► Cash Management - Cash Projection Planning
► Sales & Marketing - Including Pricing & Distribution
► Manufacturing - Cost Analysis, Low Cost Solutions. Project Planning, Lease vs. Buy, Subcontracting vs In-house Manufacturing
► Financial Mangement - First Month to 5-year Projections, Business Plan Development, Lease vs. Buy Options. inventory Management. Business Performance Analysis
► International Business - Selling, Distribution, Subcontract Manufacturing

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AUDREY LANG  (Mentoring by Email only) -

Accounting & Financial Statements, Business Plans, Buying & Selling Businesses, Analyzing Business Performance, Restaurant, Food Service & Retail Management  
Accounting & Financial Statements - Business Plans, Buying & Selling Businesses.
Analyzing Business Performance - Problem Solving, Turn Arounds
Restaurants, Food Service, Retail - Business Management & Operations
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Mark Lowenstein was a Professor of Business and has background in business development, strategic alliances, marketing and international/domestic sales channel management in the software/high tech industry. He was a principal/founder in two small software high tech startups. Worked with inventors evaluating the commercial feasibility of products and markets. Knowledgeable in Business Model Canvas and Lean Startups.
Marketing – identifying target customers and market segmentation developing 3rd party dealer/distributor networks
Business Plans, Business Models and Business Strategy - written and reviewed business plans, evaluated and developed viable business models and strategic plans
General business management - small and large companies – business development, international business and market analysis
Legal – business contracts and negotiation, incorporation issues and types of corporate entities
Software & Web – High tech and software industry. Wide range of experience in small and large software, hardware and web businesses
NonProfits - Strategic plans and marketing strategy
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Jean spent her career in marketing working with blue chip brands. She is also keenly aware of the issues facing small business owners, having built and managed a successful marketing services agency. Expertise in marketing, advertising and promotion across a wide range of consumer and B2B categories. Jean currently teaches marketing at colleges on the Cape and in Boston.
Marketing and Advertising - all aspects of marketing with particular expertise in advertising, promotion and public relations, positioning and annual planning.
Product Development - development of new product concepts, feasibility assessment, market opportunity, testing
Market Research - development of research plans, tools and analysis, including primary and secondary sources.
Sales - sales planning, training, forecasting and evaluation; development of sales material; shopper marketing planning and execution.
Retail - marketing and advertising planning and execution; staff training; management.
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Over 30 years experience in providing finance and administration support to large and small organizations, of which the past 9 years has been for small private companies and NonProfits across many different industries
Technology - All areas of finance, human resources, administration, and IT for hardware, software, and internet companies.
Mergers & Acquisitions - Provided financial support on both the sell side and the buy side for acquisitions ranging in size from $5K to $500K. 
International - 10 years experience providing financial support to companies in Australia, Europe and Asia. 
NonProfits - Provided financial support to two newly created (spinoff) nonprofits.
Consulting - Over 8 years, provided CFO consulting services to companies across many industries ranging in size from startup to $10 million annual revenue. 
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40 years of executive experience with a very strong background in both regular retail and the off price business. extremely knowledgeable in the home furnishing business which includes housewares , textiles, table top, furniture and electronics. My strengths would be in product development, assortment planning , advertising and merchandise operations.
RETAIL - Develop sales and margin plans, develop open to buys, product development , advertising
IMPORTING - Identify and establish working relationships with resources in both Asia and Europe, product development and negotiations with resources
ADVERTISING - How to identify the most effective and correct form of advertising for your retail business
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - What is needed and how to identify the product
MARKETING - What makes up marketing besides advertising,packaging, sales training, visual display
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Career emphasis - sales, sales management, marketing director, general management of business operations and service on for profit and nonprofit Boards of Directors. Three successful startup businesses (B2B), 9 years board Chair/President nonprofit national trade association, 41 [30 P&L responsibility] years domestic/international business sales and operations management.
International & US Standards - Certification and certification consulting for virtually all types of business seeking competitive advantage or compliance. ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, AS9100, TL9000, TS16949, OHSAS 18001, etc.
General Management Operations - for service industries including human resources, everyday management activities, P & L critical operations focus
START-UP - knowledge of fundamental issues that need to be addressed in any new business, how to assess the potential for success
Board of Directors - Profit/NonProfit operations and activities
Business Planning - Creation and execution management, including Strategic, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource, and Operations plans in particular for service industries.
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Worked with Manufacturing and Distribution clients re computer applications
Business Plans
Manufacturing Applications - Particularly Inventory Control for Mfg Discrete and Process Control including bills of material, scheduling, capacity planning and data collection
Distribution - Warehousing and inventory control
Billing, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Pricing
Sales and Marketing
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45+ years of retailing experience; the last 33 years of which was in a Not-Profit environment. Involved in all aspects, with most of the time spent in executive management positions. Deeply involved in leadership/officer positions in organizational, educational, regional and national boards of directors.
► Retail - P & L analysis; customer service excellence; marketing, advertising & promotion; and, strategic planning.
► NonProfit - Strategic planning, general management, budgeting and financial statement analysis.
► Board Of Directors - Board development, board-management relations, board orientation and leadership development.
► Human Resources - Selection, onboarding, performance appraisal, team building, performance enhance and compensation decisions.
► Financial Statement Analysis - Using financial statements to plan and operate your organization.
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Marketing executive with experience in all aspects of marketing at large corporations and small private companies. Also experienced in all aspects of running small, professional companies, especially law firms.
► Marketing & Advertising - 10 yrs experience in most facets of B-to-B marketing and advertising for large corporations. Also 10 years exp in B-to-C marketing for small privately held businesses – especially private law firms
► Small Business Management - Over 10 yrs experience in assisting & educating small business owners & attorneys in how to manage their growing companies, including people management, automation, sales & marketing and partner acquisition and/or mergers
► Product/Service Offering Development - 10 yrs experience helping small business owners & attorneys define, delineate, price and market new product and service offerings. 
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30 years as a senior leader in telecommunications network and professional services businesses globally.  Roles included Operations, Market Development and Sales.  Has extensive experience turning around struggling businesses, building new capabilities, and improving customer and partner relationships. 

► New Business Development - Concept and value proposition development, business plans, marketing plans, partner negotiations, launching operations, financial management
► Operations - Professional Services planning, scheduling, implementation, process management and improvement, quality management, cost improvement, customer support
► Sales - Message development, relationship management, proposal development, communication, negotiation
► Leadership - Thinking strategically, prioritization, time management, communication, relationships, culture, staffing, mentoring
► Negotiations - Development of clear goals, evaluation of positions and alternatives, negotiation plan and tactics
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NORMAN SOMER - (Martha's Vineyard)
45 years of business experience, consisting of managerial, sales, marketing and business ownership
Manufacturing - Packaging
Importing - Sales manager and VP of Sales and marketing Consumer  Electronics
Managed a national independent sales organization
Business Ownership - Distributorship and Independent Sales Organization, marketing to the Premium and Incentive Industry. Products sold were used in sales and recognition awards
Sales & Marketing Management - Product selection, Hiring independent sales organizations, Participation in trade shows, Securing lines from varied manufactures

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Five decades of senior management and broad-scope consulting experience that includes finance and operations, product development, strategic planning, marketing, external funding support and team-building. This work has been carried out with diverse nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses in the U.S. and internationally. Currently an emeritus professor at Brown University. 
Management - Creation of operating and capital budgets; obtaining external funding support; managing donor relations; and new project development for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Strategic Planning - Developing small business and nonprofit organization strategic business plans.
NonProfit Funding - Creation of grant support applications for nonprofit organizations.
Marketing/Sales - Development and implementation of marketing/sales strategies for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Team Building - Workforce support initiatives to ensure small business and nonprofit organization success.

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BRUCE STUART- (Martha’s Vineyard)
Started 1/1/66, and built Retail “POWERsports” recreational products business with 2 partners. Grew business to Gross sales of approximately $3m annually. Sold business in 2004.
Buying/Selling Small Businesses -.Working with partners. Real Estate as a key Component of business strategy.
Inventory Management - “Floor Planned” “unit” inventory management with Parts, accessories and service ancillary support departments
Managing Services - as the main product, or as a department
Supplier Relations - Managing multiple locations
Business Development - Transitioning from Hobby business to professional format.
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► Small Business Accounting
► Entity & Corporate Structure
► Tax & Tax Planning
► Financing

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40+ years’ experience in overseeing multiple projects in diverse fields while simultaneously managing procurements, contracts, grants and finances. 25 years’ experience in marine biology and shellfish aquaculture. Managed over $66M in federal and $22M in state grants and met all federal and state audit requirements.
Grant Management - System for Award Management (SAM), Grant Administration Procedures, Best Practices, Financial Management and Financial Capacity, Satisfactory Continuing Control, Federal Financial Report (FFR) and Milestone/Progress Report(MPR)
Government Contracting - Procurement, Contract Documents, Description of the Work, Term, Compensation, Indemnification, Termination, Required Clauses
Shellfish Aquaculture - Research & Development, Microalgae Cultivation, Shellfish Cultivation, Shellfish Hatchery
Government & Regulations - Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity, Disadvantage Business Enterprise, Americans with Disabilities Act, Drug & Alcohol MIS Reporting

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Five years as manager / director in a software company, followed by 20 as a career / business coach working with leaders and managers in different sized organizations as well as entrepreneurs.
Software - Worked as a director in a software company and interacted with and was familiar with the challenges of engineering, marketing, writing, sales, and testing
Leadership - In general, no matter the industry as I have worked with leaders in many industries on communication, delegation, motivating employees, and other concerns
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution - Have helped leaders and managers in this area, as well as working with individuals on personal conflict and negotiation challenges
Vision & Direction - Helping business people in clarifying their vision personally or for a business entity and creating the steps, plan and strategy to make their plans a reality
Marketing - Some experience in assisting with marketing plans and execution

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