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I had a successful corporate career in high tech, and then 30 years as a small business owner and entrepreneur in both hospitality and commercial real estate. I feel I have valuable perspective and experience applying my business experience big and small to others small businesses. My corporate experience proved invaluable to me in my transition to small business ownership and that perspective will also help others who are considering or making that transition. I have worked in many areas of the business world including marketing, project management and planning. As a small business owner I was able to find commercial financing, turn a failing business around and create a successful operation from every aspect of a start up business including staffing, guest service, deferred maintenance and major renovations. I created a network in my new community of other businesses that served my guests and implemented a long range plan for growth and bottom line profitability. I created a "board of directors" by using the talents of professionals who were expert in their own disciplines. I was able to identify stakeholders who would help me succeed as we grew. I now teach these skills to aspiring hospitality professionals both locally and for the Association of Independent Lodging Professionals. I am passionate about small business and believe that doing the up front work is key to a business owners early success and throughout a business life cycle. Keeping your eye on the ball and understanding the changes that occur outside your control are a key feature of every successful business. I enjoy working with small business owners to help them reach their ultimate goals at the optimum return on their investment in time, passion and money.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Plan
  • Customer Service
  • Management & Operations
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Development

Industry Experience

  • Business Consulting & Coaching
  • Food & Beverage
  • Real Estate
  • Travel, Hospitality, & Tourism

Carol Edmondson

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