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 What is Cape Cod SCORE?
► Why can Cape Cod SCORE Mentors assist your business?
► How do Cape Cod SCORE Mentors work with your business?
► Where and How to Schedule Mentoring?
► What Business Training Workshops does Cape Cod SCORE Offer?

What is Cape Cod SCORE?

Cape Cod SCORE is one of 364 chapters of the SCORE Association, whose 13,000 volunteer members throughout the U.S. are dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses to start, grow and succeed.  The 35+ volunteer business professionals of Cape Cod SCORE offer:

  • Free, Confidential Business Advice for Start-ups, Existing Companies and Non-Profits. 

  • Face-to-Face Mentoring for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.
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  • Series of six week “Successful Small Business Management" training workshops to learn the skills of growing and managing a small business.
    Plus On-line Workshops of every description.
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  • Valuable Templates, Tools and Resources to help you succeed.

As a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE’s mission is to grow small businesses one business at a time.  Since 1964, SCORE has assisted more than 9 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through mentoring and business workshops.

Why can Cape Cod SCORE Mentors assist your business?

Cape Cod SCORE has a team of 38 retired and active executives who have been involved in a wide range of successful business activities, serving as business owners, CEO's, managers and business consultants. We have been where you are now. We have worked for ourselves and others. Now, we are here to help you to do the same. We take no salary or any other form of compensation to help our clients. Our satisfaction comes from helping you succeed.  To learn about our expertise. read Meet our Mentors.

How do Cape Cod SCORE Mentors work with your business?

Make an appointment for Business Counseling and you get:

  • Free Mentoring for as long as your business requires.
  • The Expertise of Two Mentors - “Two Heads are better than One.”  To give you objective feed-back and guidance for your business.
  • One Hour Mentoring Sessions - organized for SCORE Mentors to learn about your business, your goals and your plans.  The first session works best when you prepare an agenda and questions of what you want to discuss.  Be sure to bring with you product samples, brochures, financial statements and any other information to enable SCORE Mentors to understand what you want to accomplish.
  • Based on your needs, Mentors will guide you with the next steps to develop your business.  You will gain confidence in your business decisions with each successive mentoring session.
  • You have the opportunity to create a Long-Term Mentoring Relationship with your SCORE Mentors to continuously develop and grow your business.
  • All information held in strict confidence according to SCORE Code of Ethics.

Where and How to Schedule Mentoring?

  • For Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, mentoring is conducted, by appointment, at our Hyannis office Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 1pm.  To schedule counseling for your business, please go to Request Mentoring or call 508-775-4884 for an appointment.
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  • If you are in business and are not able to come to Hyannis, special arrangements can be made to send a Mentors to your business.
  • On Martha’s Vineyard, where there are seven Mentors ready to assist you.  Mentoring is conducted on a one-on-one basis.  For appointments, call: 508-696-9687 or Email: mvscore@verizon.net.
  • For Nantucket, mentoring is now available.  For Business Assistance, please go to Request Mentoring or call 508-775-4884 for an appointment.

What Business Training Workshops does Cape Cod SCORE offer?

  • Learn the Basic Skills of Managing & Growing a Small Business.
  • Attend SCORE’s "Successful Small Business Management" Workshops.

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