Workshop Content Details

Successful Small Business Management

A Series of 6 Weekly Workshops, with Interactive Discussions to Learn the Basic Skills of Managing and Growing a Small Business, Focused on Massachusetts + Cape & Islands Regulations & Trends

Subjects covered in each of the 6 weeks include:

Introduction to the Course and SCORE
• How to get organized
• Why
businesses succeed or fail
• Selecting a business entity
• Dealing with
• Properly classifying employees and sub-contractors
• Projecting
start-up costs
• Managing personnel

Essential Decisions to make when Starting a Business
• Useful tips a
nd tools for managing a successful operation
• Learn pricing
• Understand break-even analysis
• Managing in an economic downturn
• Accounting and tax issues

Overview of Financial Management
• The importance
of learning how to read and
use financial information to run your
business better
• Managing your working capital
• Forecasting cash needs
• Sources of financing
• Tax issues important to small business

Learn how to Prepare a Business Plan
A document that communicates strategies to achieve your objectives

• Basic elements of a business plan
• Contents of the descriptive and financial
• Understand how to identify critical success factors

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan
• H
ow to identify a target market
• Establish a competitive
• Find niche opportunities
• Develop your pricing strategy
• Keys to successful marketing

The Growing Importance of E-Commerce
• Applications that
deliver value
• Website characteristics needed to achieve
and buyer approval