Calmer Choice – Fiona Jensen ED / David Troutman & Emily Smalley
Calmer Choice receiving award 23G2 White's Path, Suite #2 
South Yarmouth, MA 02664
Tel: 508-398-0808

Calmer Choice was founded in 2010 in the wake of the tragic deaths of several Barnstable High School students and graduates, punctuating an alarming rise in substance abuse, violence, and self-harm that was devastating the Cape Cod community. Personally impacted by this series of events as the parent of a Barnstable High School student, Fiona Jensen mobilized her grief to seek out solutions to help young people in her town manage stress, resolve conflict and increase their inner resilience and sought to arm educators with practical resources to better support their students’ social-emotional health.  

The mission of Calmer Choice is to teach young people to effectively and safely manage stress, risk of violence, substance abuse, and other destructive behaviors and resolve conflict so that they live happy, healthy, and successful lives.  Calmer Choice delivers its innovative prevention programming through three distinct arms: Calmer Choice in the Classroom, Calmer Choice Partner Schools, and Calmer Choice Community Programs

As a nonprofit, Calmer Choice has different challenges than a regular business and was able to leverage the expertise of the SCORE mentors and the Strategic Planning process to identify issues and create action plans for their long-term sustainability. 

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